The Human Becoming School of Thought Book Cover


Books authored by Dr. Parse

  • Nursing Fundamentals: Nursing Outline Series (Parse, 1974)
  • Man-Living-Health: A Theory of Nursing (Parse, 1981)
  • Nursing Research: Qualitative Methods (Parse, Coyne, & Smith, 1985)
  • Nursing Science: Major Paradigms, Theories & Critiques (Parse, 1987)
  • Illuminations: The Human Becoming Theory in Practice and Research (Parse, 1995)
  • The Human Becoming School of Thought: A Perspective for Nurses and other Health Professionals (Parse, 1998)
  • Hope: An International Human Becoming Perspective (Parse, 1999)
  • Qualitative Inquiry: The Path of Sciencing (Parse, 2001)
  • Community: A Human Becoming Perspective (Parse, 2003)