Institute of Humanbecoming

The Institute of Human Becoming, founded in 1992 by Rosemarie Rizzo Parse, was created to offer interested nurses and others the opportunity to study with Dr. Parse the ontological, epistemological, and methodological aspects of the humanbecoming school of thought. Dr. Parse, the founder and editor of Nursing Science Quarterly, offers summer sessions in Pittsburgh devoted to the study of the theory, the research methodologies, the practice methodology, the teaching-learning , mentoring, leading-following, community, and family models, and other topics of concern to human science disciplines. All of the sessions have as their goal understanding the meaning of humanuniverse from thr humanbecoming perspective.

Each session offers a different focus. There are sessions on theory and theory evolution, the practice methodology, the research methodologies, community, teaching-learning, family, leading-following, and others. Upon completion of each session participants receive a certificate reflecting the number of hours spent in studying humanbecoming.